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From Pristine to Earth

​​Chapter I, Pristine

Chapter II, First Impression
Chapter III, Got Chemicals?
Chapter IV, The Salesman
Chapter V, Sailing on the Ocean Blue
Chapter VI, The Idea
Chapter VII, The Plant
Chapter VIII, Mr. Plastics
Chapter IX, The News
Chapter X, The Fair
Chapter XI, The Departure
Chapter XII, The Return
Chapter XIII, The Dancing Fish
Chapter XIV,  Hidden Risks
Chapter XV, Survival
Chapter XVI, The Blood Red River
Chapter XVII, Three Teens in a Capsule
​Chapter XVIII, Trust but Verify
Chapter XIX, Saying Farewell is Never Easy
Chapter XX, The Golden Feather Award

Table of Contents

The novel is written for youth, but it may also be of interest to an older audience due to a variety of discussion topics touched on by the novel. The book may be read for pleasure or used for supplemental reading in a science class and/or literature class, or for a summer reading assignment.

The country of Urban has a hidden crisis. Chemicals are being made faster than they can be adequately tested and proven safe.  Marlo is sent from his beautiful planet, Pristine, on two school assignments to observe the environment on Earth.  While Marlo becomes aware of different environmental challenges during his visits, he is most alarmed by the many unsafe chemicals in Urban. Will Marlo be able to shed some light on fixing the problem?  What obstacles will Marlo and his friends encounter as they seek to make positive change?  Find out by joining Marlo on his adventures as he embarks on a quest far away from his home. 

Main messages


1) Littered trash is not out of sight out of mind. 

2) The youth, as well as older folks, can make a big difference in the environment by properly disposing of trash.

3) Cost-based factors versus benefiting / protecting health and the environment.

4)Dreams bloom into ideas and ideas, with perseverance, bloom into attainable solutions.

5) Choices and decisions made today may have a long-lasting impact on the environment and health of tomorrow.